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Handwriting analysis of famous people

Ted Bundy

The above sample was written by Ted Bundy. Bundy was born in 1946, and his murderous spree started at the age of 27. He is responsibe for over 30 murders of young women. He was eventually caught and sentenced to the electric chair. He was executed in 1989. This sample was written in 1988, a year before he was executed.

Take a look at this sample above. The pressure is heavy, there are long and very rigid lead-ins, with tics [harpoons], the spatial arrangement is very crowded. The sample is strongly right slanted. The father stroke in the PPI is absent, and the posture is known as the "fetal" PPI because its shape is that of a fetus. The left margin is sinuous, and the right margin is normal. The writing is slightly "sharp" or "icicles". I can see "angled arcades" in the script. Angled arcades are one of the nastiest signs in graphology, and Bundy displays this trait throughout. It will confirm and coroborate the other traits, as manipulative and dishonest.

The writing is slow, and Bundy tries to maintain regularity. The lower zone is long, and the loops are overemphasized. The writing is "stenciled", and since the sample is a poor copy, I am not going to add the holes in the letters. I believe that although this could be caused by the loss of integrity in the copying machine; I doubt very much if all of these holes are caused by the copying machines; especially in consideration of all of the other aspects of this sample.

To add to these facts, the t-bars are long, high but still on the stem, and the right margin is used completely. The cumulation of these graphology traits are extremely dangerous. I shudder in fear when I see handwriting like this. Bundy makes Berkowitz look like a saint.

Ted Bundy liked being involved with people. He was constantly active and busy. He felt uncomfortble being alone and on his own. [use of space; close word and line spacing] Ted was crafty. On the outside, he was very charming; always putting on a pleasent appearence and acting congenial with all the people that he knew. He would seem to act like your best friend, but that was the scam he wanted you to believe. Ted made everything "look" so good. He would say and do things just to get your trust. If Ted made a mistake or was caught telling a lie, he would cleverly cover it up and make it look alright [stenciled writing, covered strokes, touch up letters, split connective forms] Then when the needs suited him, he would take advantage of you.[artificial writing, touched up letters, covered strokes, stenciled strokes] In truth, he was a criminal psychopath. [artificial writing, stenciled letters, slow writing, sinouos left margin {I use a special criminal chart for this, for expediency Bundy exhibits 4 of the major criminal traits in the preceding list of traits} the same chart applies to dishonesty, here we have artificial, stenciled letters, covered strokes, sinuous left margin, sinuous baseline, touched up strokes, arcaded angles]

Bundy is a cold person, who lacks true feelings [sharp, icicle writing] He is expressive emotionally [strong right hand slant] but it does not include warm feelings; only his bitterness and anger. He has a propensity to hate quickly, hold onto those grudges forever, and then to get even. [harpooned lead ins, long and rigid on every word! and motivation factors like long t-bars, heavy pressure, narrow right margin] He had no morals and didn't feel any guilt over the pain of his victims; [sinuous left margin, artificial writing, and lack of pastose] these were murders motivated by revenge. Bundy either knew these victims and they had slighted him in some manner, or more likely; these victims "represented" those that he held old grudges against. There were numerous grudges, and the level of anger and hostility that went with each grudge was enormous [every word has a harpoon, the harpoons are very long]

Unlike Berkowitz above, Bundy had plenty of backbone. He would have easily stood up to others if he felt it necessary; and eventually displaying his anger. Bundy did not need encouragement in order for action. He was highly motivated and that's what made those old grudges so dangerous. Ted was a man of action. If he set his mind to doing something; he would do it. [long t-bars, high on stem, good pressure, long and rhythmic lower zone, narrow right margin, baseline that finished uphill]

It is difficult to determine intelligence and creativity from slow and artificial handwriting; the person is putting on a "false face" and we are not privileged to see the "real Ted Bundy" so I cannot determine certain characteristics of the writing. However, people who can create an entire false personality to hide and manipulate situations and people for his personal advantage cannot be stupid. Bundy was clever, but I am uncertain how smart. He was adaptable, versatile, and had optimistic hopes for the future. Ted was confident in his ability to act and accomplish.

On a personal side, Ted was not confident as an individual. He put on that personna, but he felt that he had not done much with his life [PPI is severely left slanted in a right slanted writing] Ted was excessively selfish, and self centered. I am unaware of Bundy's age when he wrote this sample. He was an adult, [the harpoons are so long, it takes a long time of life to build up so much hate in a person] but emotionally; he was a child. This is a very immature writer. Bundy was the type who could quickly throw a temper tantrum when he didn't get his way [PPI is strongly bent into the "fetal" position]

The writing is inflexible. This is more of a design for artifiality, but it is still telling. Bundy had to get his way, no matter what. His motivations were self oriented, and since he was more a child than an adult; he would use his energy and motivation in negative ways rather than positive. He had no respect for others, and would be intrusive. All his personal and social interactions involved his needs to satisfy the child he was; consideration for others didn't exist with Bundy.

Sexually, Bundy felt guilt about his sexuality. Along with his selfish and childish demeanor, it would have been difficult for him to maintain a meaningful relationship. He was always playing a false personality, so he would have been able to date, but once she got to know him better; it would fall apart.[although the lower zone is long and rhythmic, there are tremors at the start of the lower zone stroke, artificial writing would charm women] This would give Bundy more fuel for his hate, and resentments. He would not allow the fact that he was the creation of this situation. Bundy was not responsible for his actions, instead he played the "blame" game; which is to blame everyone else. He would rationalize why it was always someone elses fault. Bundy was narrow minded, and didn't allow alternative solutions to enter the picture. [notice the narrow loops and covered strokes in the upper zone]

Bundy was not a murderer in the typical sense. He did not kill to dispose of someone. Instead, he utilized ritual killing of some form. [the hostility is severe, deep, but there are no "clubs" in the writing, and no pastosity] Bundy did not get a sensual high from these murders. Instead, these people were "surrogates" for those he held grudges against. The ritual would have included some form of "resolve" for Bundy. When this "resolve" was not enough to squelch the pain; he would kill. Bundy used his victims to satisfy the old wounds and grudges built up in his life from childhood.

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