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Handwriting analysis of famous people

Napoleon Bonaparte

This sample was written after Napoleon lost power. [As he lost his power, his signature dramatically deteriorates into a muddy blob. The other best examples of this graphology trait is with Hitler and Richard Nixon] The sample is thin, until the end of the sample; then we can easily see a very muddy quality to the writing. The integrity of the handwriting disintegrates toward the end. Napoleon's extravagant signature stands out clearly.

There are many "tics" in the sample, especially on the t-bars, and some long push off strokes at the ends of words. The sample is full of "pyramids" and long t-bars. The baseline is uphill, but it is a stepped baseline. The pressure is fairly weak, and inconsistent. The spacing between words is wide, and the left margin is wide; while the right margin is "crashing". There appears to be two "rivers" in the sample of about equal spacing from both the left margin and the right one.

Remember, this is written at the time when Napoleon was near death. He probably knew it too. That can easily explain much of the essence of his handwriting at this time.

Napoleon knew that he was no longer in charge. He was a defeated man. Still, he kept up the appearence of his former and more powerful self expression. Even though he was powerless and in exile while this sample was written; he kept up the personna of the general. He gave out orders, was inflexible, and acted outwardly like the leader of a powerful French nation.[This is clearly evidenced by the strong underscore of his signature, in such sharp contrast as the weakness of the writing, and the disintegration towards the end of the sample]

In truth, even Napoleon knew that this was just a "false personna", but kept up appearances. He was depressed, and did everything to quickly snap out of his constant depressive states. Still, it caught up with him, no matter what he did. He avioded the inevitable, ignored signs, and still pushed forward.[stepped uphill baseline, disintegration of the writing, crashing right margin]

At the time of this writing, Napoleon like his writing was literally disintegrating, and he only had his memories and former self left to contemplate. His losses had taken its toll. He was as feable as the writing indicates. The many "tics" in the sample display the tension and despair in Napoleon's life. His lower zone is sporadic, but the despair shows through so eloquently in the last few sentences of muddiness, and disintegration. He gathers himself right afterward to show everyone how strong and how much of an icon he is, with his pedestalled overly strong underscore. The signature is compensation for a terribly weak and powerless man.

Napoleon still had an active and agile mind though. [His forms are simplified, the writing is quick, and there is good height and activity in the upper zone] In this case, his mind may have caused him more harm than good. He was not stupid, and all the other aspects of the writing indicate a person who was trying to fool himself and others. His intellect was too smart for him to get away with it, though.

To make matters worse, the "rivers" are literally "splits" in the personality. In this case, Napoleon is struggling between his true self and his past personna.

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