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Handwriting analysis of famous people

Ulysses S Grant

This is a small sample of Grant's handwriting. It is written shortly before his death, in 1885. Because of the size and date of the sample, I was able to analyze Grant from a better sample which was written years earlier for better accuracy. The main difference is the speed and ease of pressure with the earlier sample.

Grant's sample appears very light in pressure, the slant is extremely rightward, the stable axis is slightly bent, but with increased pressure. The form level is very high, and the spatial arrangement is superb. The t-bars are long, light, and very high. The right hand margin is very narrow, and the left hand margin is even and slightly rightward. Grant's signature is true to the script. The capitals are simple and well formed, and note how powerful his punctuation is.

Grant exhibits a defiant "k" and there's little leftward movement. The middle zone is deemphasized, but the spacing between letters is expanded, and spacing between words is also expansive. The writing is simplified. Here's what all this translates into.

Grant surprisingly showed light pressure and plenty of garlands, and therefore he treated others much easier than his reputation would suggest. However, if his orders were not followed; he would get indignant. Grant could be defiant, too, and he no problem in pushing his will on others. [long t-bars, defiant "k", heavy pressure on i-dots and punctuation]

Grant was a very emotional, spontaneous, and expressive person. His emotions could get the best of him, and he would act with his feelings rather than his logic. Grant would go with his intuition, and at times would later second guess himself. [unusual disconnections in words, especially with last letter of word] Although Grant was an excellent planner, and was adept at spatial skills which would aid him in his battle plans; he also could act impulsively if he felt an advantage was there. Grant was not cautious and didn't need to overanalyze the situation.[simplified forms, no lead in strokes, strong rightward movement, many t-bars are rightward]

Grant was sensitive to negative criticisms, but did his very best to keep that aspect of his personality to himself. He never wanted or would allow others to see this side of him. Instead, he would show his officers his determination of the present day issues at hand. [notice the leftward "sensitive d loop", and the strong pressure on the stable axis]

The strong rightward direction of the overall writing depicts that Grant pointed his soldiers in one direction and said "Go". He was not too detailed in his projects, tasks, and goals. Grant would overlook unecessary details for the "bigger picutre". There were small details which Grant would insist upon, but these were the important details which were relevant to the "bigger picture". So he would be pedantic about those particular details. [undetailed forms, especially in middle zone, but strong pressured, and precise i-dots]

Grant was a student of the past, and relied more upon the "old tried and proven" methods of goal accomplishment than newer and more unorthodox styles. [lack of creative forms in high form level]. Grant had stamina, [long lower zone] which was necessary for his adventurous style [large spaces between letters]and his zealous ambitions and goals. [strongly high t-bars] Grant had an above average intellect. He did not venture intellectually into too many areas but was knowledgeable in those which were important to him, probably militarily only. [high upper zone, but narrow or non-existent upper zone loops]

Grant was a sincere man. You knew where you stood with him, and if he said something; he meant it. Perhaps, this is a big difficiency as a politician and a president. [congruent signature and size to text, lack of dishonest signs in the sample]

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