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Jack the Ripper case file
Jack the Ripper still stirs the imagination

No case like this has stirred the imagination for so long. Why? Perhaps, it's the fact that he brutally disemboweled his victims, and disappeared with Houdini like escapes. Perhaps, it's all the theories and suspects, including Prince Albert, Sir William Gull, the queen's doctor, and Doctor Thomas Cream.

The finest document examiners have tried to solve this case, but to no avail. Only I could solve it.

Special note: I am grateful for the cooperation Scotland Yard and Metropolitan Police London gave me in my investigation with Jack the Ripper.

Let's explore the case with Katherine Eddowes

Katherine Eddowes, Katie, is far and away the most important victim. Why? Eyewitnesses limit the Ripper and Katie to just 12 minutes between the time Katie was seen with the Ripper and the time PC Watkins found her disemboweled body.

This murder authenticates the September 25th Dear Boss letter, the October 1st Saucy Jacky postcard, and the October 16th From Hell letter. These letters contain information only the killer could know, including the missing portion of Ms. Eddowes's kidney.

Katie gives us the most insight into the killer's modus operandi. Mitre Square was nearly pitch dark, yet the Ripper butchered her to high heaven, and escaped into thin air, and in a span of just 12 minutes! What does that tell us about Jack the Ripper? Believe it or not, a worldful.

Below is the police sketch of Katherine Eddowes. What can you deduce from it?

Three hours of hell at 13 Miller's Court

Below is the official police photo of the Miller's Court victim, the only murder which occurred indoors. On a side note, the victim was not Mary Kelly. This woman was much slimmer than the heavyset Ms. Kelly. I believe this was never publicly divulged to protect Mary from another murder attempt.

This victim, whoever she was, exemplifies Jack the Ripper's savagery . He had at least three hours of privacy with her. Although his butchery was the worst of all the victims, it was consistent with his modus operandi.

Besides his obvious butchery of this woman, he draped her intestines over a picture frame, and positioned her legs like the Eddowes sketch above. This gives us great insight into the killer's psyche as well as clueing us to his obvious medical skills, his motives, and his identity.

Below is the official police photo of the Miller's Court victim

Is the above photo that of Mary Kelly?

Mary Kelly was 25 years old at the time she was murdered. This, of course, was not only the Ripper's last definitive victim, but the one that throws theories a loop. All his victims were in their forties, except for Kelly. Otherwise, we can deduce that there was a specific reason he chose victims within this age range.

It is known that Mary Kelly was rather stout at this time. Take a close look at the photo above. Notice her left arm. This is not the arm of a stout woman!! It's not Mary! Mary Kelly lent her bedsit [room] out to other prostitutes to help her pay for the room. Since the face is so badly mutilated, no one can determine the victim's age. I believe she was in her forties because this was one of the Ripper's criteria.

I developed my theory from the case evidence

With all the case evidence, and the special information I learned from the Eddowes murder, I deduced the characteristics of the killer. Matching this up to the 30 or so accepted Ripper possibilities lead me to my prime suspect.

To prove or disprove my theory, I needed the cooperation and assistance of Scotland Yard and Metropolitan Police London in my quest for the handwriting samples of my prime suspect.

After receiving and reviewing these samples, I knew why no other doucment examiner could solve the case, the handwritings didn't look alike. However, upon closer examination, I started discovering matching traits.

Below are the Known handwriting samples of Jack the Ripper

The Dear Boss letter of September 25th [first page]

The Dear Boss letter of September 25th [second page]

The Saucy Jacky postcard dated October 1

The From Hell letter of October 16

From the above Ripper letters, I prepared "cut outs", small portions blown up so I could accurately measure in 1/2 degree angles and 1/128" increments. I did the same with the Known sample of my prime suspect for comparison with the Ripper letters.

I unearthed 120 matching handwriting traits. Some of these were extremely rare, while others were extremely obscure. Only I have the sharp eye, talent, and skill to take on the mystery of Jack the Ripper.......and to solve it.

Click here to view sample "cut outs" of my Jack the Ripper excerpt

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Jack the Ripper Zodiac Sample Cases Sitemap

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