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Capital letters in handwriting

Capital letters are very important in handwriting analysis. The capital letters for either proper names, personal identity, or just to start off a sentence tell about the writer's feeling of personal confidence, personal esteem, and the importance of other people and places in his or her life.

The graphologist will not only determine from a variety of capital letters the confidence of the writer, but how much if at all that confidence fluctuates.

The formation of capital letters tells our graphologists a lot about how a person wants to be viewed by others. This and a person's signature are the two main aspects in handwriting that reveal these character traits. Enlarged capitals, escpecially those with what we deem has "initial empasis" are people who are strongly influenced by "first impressions". "Initial or over emphasis" in either the PPI or in the signature; betrays them as a false bravado. This is compensation.

Personal tastes will also show up in capitals. Simplified and straight forward capitals often indicate a person with simplified tastes. If the lower zone is not overly dominant in tri-zonal balance; then this indicates a person who is easy to please. On the other hand, overly flourished capitals [flourished letters have large and extra curls] are the sign of vanity, the need to garner the attentions of others and/or expensive material tastes. If they have a long lower zone; then they are the type of person who is never pleased. If there is an abundance of leftward tendency in addition to the flourishes; we have selfishness.

The size of the capital letters in relation to the size of the other aspects of the writing will tell us if a person has a high degree of confidence or not; especially related to accomplishing tasks and goals. It does not always follow that a person with a high degree of personal esteem is confident in achievement or vice versa. When the capital letter is the PPI or in their own signatures; this indicates the self-esteem of the individual.

When the capital letters are short or narrow; we have a person who is not very confident in his or her own abilities, and inhibited. When we see these graphology traits in the personal pronoun "I" then this is indicative of how the writer feels about himself personally. The space between the PPI and the other words in the text give us clues into how much personal "space" the writer needs for comfort. This is not just physical but emotional space as well.

Much can be learned about the way a writer forms his or her PPI. [Personal Pronoun "I"] There are a thousand different ways a person in English writes their PPI. Each variance indicates the differences in how the writer feels about himself and how his parents raised him or her. Different strokes in the PPI point to the father, the mother, maturity, and oral fixation.

    Capitals show a person's confidence in projects
    Capitals determine how important other people, places, or things are to the writer
    The size of the capital "I" in English tells us how much esteem the writer has
    The spacing of the capital "I" in English tells us how much "distance" he or she needs
    The way the PPI is formed tells us about his relationship with his parents
    Overly large or flourished capitals indicate a need for compenstion

Important disclaimer: Remember this is just a very basic explanation of this particular aspect of handwriting. It is expressly for the purpose to show the validity by explaining this complex science in simplistic terms.

Do not attempt to analyze a person's handwriting with just the information stated above. Graphology is a hollistic science; one characteristic on its own is fairly meaningless unless an extreme or coroborated with other graphology traits.

Leave handwriting analysis to experts like me. It takes years to be highly trained and skilled in this field, and to learn, study, and recognize all the graphological traits that incorporate this science.

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